Hunting buffalo the life was made by the capture of flesh. Silence dominated the wandering spirit. I could hear the animals speaking. I could hear my great-great-grandfather. Everything was a painting in motion. Right and wrong drifted into a wash of colors. Dreams were what mattered most. The only mirror I saw was your eyes. Magic was everywhere and miracles carried into the afterlife.


reviews - press

"Some songs are perfect for sitting around the campfire, enjoying the company of friends and contemplating the interconnectedness of the universe. ...Sounds good in every way!"

—The Mad Mackerel  


"In the eyes of the political class the people are seen as little more than pawns to be manipulated with hysterical language. While they’re scaring us you can guarantee they’ve cut back on nothing and their bank accounts have grown. With all that in mind, find temporary and relative sanctuary by listening (to BigBee Of The Whitetree)."

—Parasites & Sycophants 


“...low and slow, sort of a Kurt Cobain meets Fleet Foxes vibe. …mellow and sweet with a bit of tang. Like a glass of lemon water on a hot day.”

—Jango Internet Radio


“... The folk singer’s latest record is an intense trip through American melancholia, Appalachian arrangements and prophetic lyrics”

—Spinner AOL Music  


“The sound of BigBee of the Whitetree is something like early Bon Iver. The vocals are often washed out and feel somewhat far away. The effect is a contemplative, calming sound .......Mostly, I felt passive relaxation to go with my default pensive state, often reached in my zone out mode. Bigbee’s musings on the trials of illness and inner conflict form the backbone of the record, and you can feel meant to be a project that’s there for you when you need to journey through your own thoughts, perhaps with some gentle guidance.”  ............... 

 —I Am Tuned Up 


"’s.....beautiful !! Reminds me of America (the band) with the merest hint of Fleet Foxes

—The Devil Has The Best Tuna