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Beyond War is a collection of conceptual songs written & recorded from 2004 to 2014. These songs use elements of electronica, psychedelic, trip-hop, and ambient to tell a tale of transformation.

Why did it take 10 years to make this album? Well singer-songwriter & multi-instrumentalist Matthew J. BigBee dedicated a decade of writing & experimenting in the studio because his goal could only be reached by allowing himself to change. The project was both conceptual & autobiographical. This time not only allowed BigBee to go in various musical directions, but also gave him the opportunity to work on his own personal growth. He needed to evolve as a soul and musician for the songs to go Beyond War

The result of Beyond War is a journey that spans a vast variety of sonic landscapes. The tale takes the listener from the scars of a broken warrior to the healing of a spirit. Over 200 songs were recorded in the process of making the record. Picking the 13 songs were a job in themselves.

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